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“Take my Seat” Charity Event – Spinal Injuries Australia

On Tuesday 9th of September Clint Wallis took part in the Spinal Injuries Australia ‘Take my Seat’ Challenge where he was put into a wheelchair for the morning and was chaperoned by a Spinal Injuries Australia member John. Clint spent the morning pushing himself around Palmer Street where he got a full experience of what it would be like to be in a wheelchair. He managed to get himself a cup of coffee from Jam Corner; the service there was outstanding! Clint then caught a taxi over to our new West End office to ensure that it was ‘wheel chair accessible’. He went through the entire office, going into the sales agents rooms, training rooms, toilets – everywhere!! Simple tasks such as getting into a taxi was a timely thing!

“What an eye opening morning this morning! I’ve spent the day in a wheel chair for spinal injuries Australia doing things that you would think are easy. Things like buying a coffee, getting around the city and taking public transportation. It’s crazy how difficult these easy things are and how many tricks you need to learn very quickly. Things like if you put sunscreen on with your hands, you won’t be able to stop your chair  I even managed to really ramp up the difficulty because I did it with a broken thumb. I was going to pull out after the injury but thought to myself “what options would I have if I was really in a wheelchair”. My answer was “none”. I’m glad I completed it!” – Clint Wallis

We held a Charity Golf Day for Clint on the 5th of September and had raised an extremely impressive amount of $3,267.55 for Spinal Injuries Australia!!

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