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By Rachel Dougherty
So you are thinking about renting out your property and don’t know where to start. Your fist step is to give us a call.
We will arrange an appointment with you to walk through your home and provide you with a rental appraisal to give you an idea as to how much rent your property could achieve and we will also give you tips and ideas as to what needs to be addressed in terms of maintenance to ensure we get the highest return possible. Don’t go crazy spring cleaning your home just for us to walk through – we understand people “live” in homes.
One of the most important tips we can give you is to make sure that when your property is ready to hit the market, it is presented to bond clean standard with the lawns freshly trimmed and mowed and all garden beds free of weeds.  The first impression really counts to prospective tenants and can mean nailing the best tenant in a very short period of time or losing them because of the lack of presentation.  The way your property looks on first visit also sets a precedent and an expectation of how a tenant is to care for the property at all times.
It’s also interesting to note that some points in legislation have changed in terms of what you can ask a tenant to do when vacating a property.  For example, if carpets were not professionally cleaned at the beginning of a tenancy, regardless of special conditions in a lease, you cannot ask a tenant to professional clean the carpets when they vacate.  Likewise with window coverings.  If we cannot show these were professionally cleaned prior to the tenancy commencing, we cannot ask for it to be completed at the time of vacate.  This is classed as betterment and is against legislation. That’s why it’s always best when you decide to rent your property, to attend to these small matters first and foremost.
Again, for any advice at all for your real estate needs, just give us a call 4755 6700.
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